One part (special for me) from an interview with John Green, author of An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska and Paper towns

9. dubna 2009 v 13:48 | Autorka
Q. If not fame, what *do* you recommend to fill up the empty spaces inside?

A. Well, the reason people think fame will fill up the empty spaces inside them is because we want to be acknowledged and loved and cared for. Like, say that someone breaks your heart. The pain of that heartbreak is so real and so profound and so deeply felt, and you want other people to acknowledge it. And it feels like if millions of people cared enough about you to read about your heartbreak in US Weekly, then you could bear it. The holes inside would be filled by the thoughts and attention of strangers.

But in fact this does not work. It's a snake oil cure. The only thing, in my experience at least, that fills up the empty spaces is caring for other people and allowing them to care for us.

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